Tal Alexandrovitz – CEO

Married to Eitan, mother to Noam and Maya

I’ve always been a “media freak”, and can still remember how I used to gobble down newspapers as a child, waiting for election days to watch the broadcasts with fervent anticipation, and left no word unturned in the weekend newspapers.

I entered this world officially at eighteen, when I was drafted to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, and so far, there hasn’t been a dull moment. I served in the military at the War Correspondent Section of the IDF Operations Directorate, (and was even granted the Outstanding Soldier merit), from there I continued to the Ministry of Labor and Social Services (when Ora Namir was the minister), while concurrently completing my B.A in Communications and Political Science cum laude at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and from there I went to work for the Histadrut Trade Union as Assistant to the Communications Director at a turbulent and interesting time, while completing my Masters degree in Communication and Media Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

For six years I acted as the media consultant of the minister of Science, Culture and Sport, Matan Vilnai, and managed the process of merging the communication arrays of the unified office and it’s branding. Later, I acted as VP Marketing and Communications of the “Civic Trust” organization. In April 2008, we founded Ben-Horin and Alexandrovitz.

From the moment I discovered social networks and the world of new-media, I got hooked, and I see the new world as an exceptional professional opportunity. Anyone who wants to know all about my personal and professional life is invited to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Lectures on topics in media and communications, new-media and managing political campaigns. Board member (pro bono) at the Shemesh Fund, associate of the Maoz program


Came up with the slogan – “Israel before all” for Kachol Lavan political party.

Music: Deep Israeli. Favorites: Chava Alberstein (the queen), Ilanit, Natan Yonatan, Rachel Shapira, Naomi Shemer, Nachum Heiman, Tislam, Nurit Galron, Eran Zur, Hakol Over Habibi, Kobi Aflalo, Korin Alal, Arik Lavie, and Amir Dadon.

Reads: newspapers.

Free time (if any): With the girls, Noam and Maya, swims 100 laps without losing count and a fan of TV series.

Why am I in this profession: This is definitely not a profession for sane people, but the action, the ability to make an impact, the interest, the diverse contents and most important, the interaction with people probably do that to me. It’s a pleasure to turn your hobby into a career, and I live this world which doesn’t stop changing and innovating.

The newspaper section I start with: I wait for the paperboy every morning and at about 5:30 I start going over everything, particularly our items which I wait for. After that, I just read the whole newspaper as is from beginning to end.

One item I’m proud of: The campaigns for “Ezer Mizion” – Amit Kadosh and saving Natalie’s father. Campaigns which added over 100 thousand donors to the National Bone Marrow Registry of Ezer Mizion. This is an exceptional opportunity to harness professional skills in order to save lives.

The Giro d’Italia campaign which was especially exciting: The effective campaign resulted in nation-wide participation in a project that reflected how wonderful the State of Israel is and what we have to offer to the world. This event concentrated the abilities of our enormous team which worked for arduous weeks and months up to the epic and unforgettable moment for us all.

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