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דור ה- Q

The Q Generation is the second book authored by Itay Ben Horin. The book was published in 2008.

The Q Generation is a philosophical book that suits anyone who enjoys books that make them think.

We would all love to live in a world that runs according to Newton’s Laws of Motion, that is, a world where a cause has an effect that can be calculated. But we live in a chaotic world, where every action generates an infinite chain reaction and thus, in the tension between the ideal and the real, the Q Generation was born.

The first section, “Marks of Nature”, invites you to take a different look at nature. What can be leaned from the world that you missed in science and biology classes? There is a unique and groundbreaking perspective in this chapter, vis-à-vis the link between nature and our lives.

The second section, “The Q Generation”, provides chapters that stimulate thinking regarding those issues perturbing the generation that is locked into a perpetual search safari, being the generation that experienced the digital revolution at first hand and has still not yet garnered sufficient tools to contend with it. This is a direct continuation of “Newton Died a Virgin”.

The third section, “Jewish Values”, invites you, as a nation, to set off on a values based journey for a renewed decision regarding the values of the Jewish people which have not yet been examined in the new age.

The fourth section, “The Vectors Model”, is an expansion of the first section, and provides an in depth look into the innovative process analysis model based on Newton’s Laws of Motion.

To purchase the book, please contact Jenia Medvedev at .

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