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The Open University is a unique feature on the Israeli academic landscape. It is similar to other universities in its striving for excellence and its diligence vis-à-vis high quality teaching and scientific instruction but is different from other universities in its organizational structure, its lecture methods, its curriculum and requirements of candidates enrolling for its courses.

The Open University is, as its name suggests, open to all. Its opens its doors sans preconditions and prerequisites, both to all those wishing to study individual courses or a cluster of courses as well as to those wishing to study for a full undergraduate degree (B. A., B. Sc.)

Admission is open to all and is not conditional upon a matriculation certificate or other completion certificate issued by any teaching institute whatsoever. Those enrolling in the Open University are not required to prove their past theoretical educational achievements, but educational achievements are the key to successful future Open University studies. In tandem with openness in admissions, the Open University demands personal traits of its students, without which there would be no academic achievements: Intellectual ambition, a burning desire, perseverance, responsibility and self discipline. Likewise, the students are required to study independently and diligently exercise at home and meet course deadlines and requirements. The students can also make use of group study activities conducted within the ambit of instructive meetings.

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