Itay Ben Horin – CEO

Married + 2
Expert in strategy formulation and crisis management

Following a significant military service in the IDF MAGLAN unit, Itay entered the qualitative professional world of strategic-media consulting.

He graduated from Tel Aviv University with an LL. B. Degree in Law (interning at the Ministry of Defense Legal Department), and a Master’s degree with honor in Public Policy from Tel Aviv University. (Thesis on “Analyzing Processes in Public Policy under Newton’s Laws of Motion: The Vectors Model ©)

Itay, alumni of Harvard Business School Executive Class and a graduate of the Moaz Leadership program- also wrote three books published in bis Israeli publications in 2005, 2009, and 2015.

During the last decade, he appeared in numerous magazines as one of the most influential people in the Israeli media.

Itay founded the company and, ever since, serves as a joint CEO.


Managing clients:

Business: Consulted large organizations such as Microsoft Israel, BlackRock, Qualcomm, S&P, Bank Leumi, Altshuler Shaham, Delek Group, Julius Baer, and more.

Crisis: Handled a series of national media crises for Ben & Jerry Israel, former IDF Chief of Staff – Gabi Ashkenazi, Haifa Chemicals, The Ministry of Health during the first COVID-19 outbreak, and more.

Political: Directed the Labor Party’s election campaign in 2013, the Kachol Lavan campaign in 2019 (which ended with a historical result of 35 mandates), the Histadrut Chairman election campaign for Avi Nissenkorn (resulting in a significant victory with about 65% of voters), and election campaigns for mayors: Ze’ev Bielski, Michael Biton, and Tal Ohana.

Public: Worked closely with most of Israel’s ministers and government ministries, including The Ministry of Economy, The Ministry of Public Security, The Ministry of Culture and Sport, The Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services, and The Ministry of Home Front Defense.

Social: Strategic consultant for Latet Organization since 2008, initiated a series of media actions that led to essential changes in Israel. Itay also established a scholarship fund, providing social bodies with pro-bono assistance and helping them promote important objectives by training the future generation of media consultants in Israel.

As part of his extensive social activity, he serves as a strategic media consultant for the community initiative “Zikaron Basalon” (Memories in the Living Room) from 2016. Also, a board of directors for the Israeli Association, which intelligently advocates for Israel worldwide.


Music: Galgalatz.

Reads: A lot! Especially Saramago, biographies and Management and Strategy books such as “Built to Last”, “The Flywheel” and, in the Israeli arena – Eshkol Nevo.

Free time (if any): Basketball, theatre.

Why am I in this profession: The ability to make an impact, to engage in a multidisciplinary field with intelligent people who promote important issues. There isn’t a more interesting profession, which deals with so many disciplines within a single day, and every day seems totally different.

The newspaper section I start with: No particular order, usually starting with items related to customers.

One item I’m proud of: Mainly strategic collaborations we’ve created between the media and customers

Contact Itay Ben Horin on his cell phone (052) 300-1009