After noteworthy military service in the Maglan Unit, Itay began his quality professional career in strategic-media consulting.

He holds an LL. B. Degree in Law from Tel Aviv University (interning at the Ministry of Defense Legal Bureau), and an M. P. P. degree cum laude in Public Policy from Tel Aviv University.

A graduate of the Executive Program at Harvard and Maoz Seal leadership program.

(Ben Horin wrote a thesis on “Analyzing Processes in Public Policy Pursuant to Newton’s Laws of Motion: The Vectors© Model)

Itay Ben Horin established the “Awakening” Movement in 2000, which strives for the fair sharing of the national service burden, recruiting religious seminar students into the military and improving the rights of reserve duty soldiers. One of the outcomes of the endeavor is the Reserve Military Duty Law, which was legislated by the Knesset in 2008.

He also set up the “Different Israel” movement in 2002, which was a mass youth movement that formulated a strategic vision and work plan to create a better State of Israel. The movement even ran in the 2003 Knesset General Elections.

Currently, Itay is a board member of the Equal Burden Forum, the organization championing the struggle for the recruitment of religious seminary students into the military and the battle against draft dodging and conscientious objection. He has lodged High Court of Justice motions in this matter, initiated grass roots activities and written dozens of articles. Following is an address he delivered at the demonstration for the cancellation of the Tal Law, which was held in the summer of 2012.

Ben Horin published his first book entitled “Newton Died a Virgin”, in 2004, published by Academon. The book deals with philosophical insights and sold more than 1,000 copies.
The second edition of the book was published in 2007.

Ben Horin’s second book, “The Q Generation” was published in 2009. The book links the laws of nature to social existence. The book sold hundreds of copies.

In 2015, Ben Horin published his third book, “The Battle of the Service“. The book is told from a unique perspective through the eyes of Ben Horin, one of the most stubborn fighters for the sake of recruiting Haredim to the IDF. The book shows how during the decade and a half of struggle, the mission have not yet been completed: the protest against the ‘Tal Bill’, through hunger strikes, marches and appeals to the High Court of Law; up to the collapse of the unity government in 2012, and the resistance to ‘Yair Lapid’ equality burden bill in 2014.


Itay founded the firm and has since served as its joint CEO.

Favorite music radio station: Galgalatz.

Reads: A lot! He particularly likes Saramago, biographies and management and strategy books such as “Built to Last”, “The Flywheel” and, in the Israeli arena – Eshkol Nevo.

Free time activities [not much free time but]: Basketball, theatre.

Why am I doing what I do: The ability to make an impact, to operate in a multidisciplinary arena where I work with intelligent people who promote important matters. There is no profession more interesting, in which so many areas of endeavor are covered in one day, and every day is different from the one before.

The section of the newspaper that I turn to first: Mainly strategic collaboration between the media and customers.

The section of the newspaper that I turn to first: Mainly strategic collaboration between the media and customers.


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