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Itay Ben-Horin – Partner & CEOאיתי בן חורין

Itay is a graduate from Tel Aviv University, where he received his law degree, L.LB with honors and a master’s degree in Public Policy. Itay’s thesis was completed on the public policy process analysis, which is based on Newton’s Laws of Motion: The Vector Model.

His career began as an intern with the Ministry of Defense’s Legal Bureau. Afterwards, he went on to become a distinguished alumnus of Harvard University’s Executive Class and a graduate of the Moaz Leadership program.

Itay developed the “Road Map Model” for strategic consultation, by which the company operates. In 2004, Itay published his first book, “Newton Died a Virgin”. In 2009, his second book was published, “The Q Generation”. In 2015, his third book was published, “The Battle for Service”.

Itay is considered one of the top and most influential strategic and crisis management consultants.

Tal Alexandrovitz-Segev – Partner & CEO 

Tal is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she received her master’s degree in Communication. Her career began in the Spokesperson’s Unit of the Israel Defense Forces. She went on to serve as the Spokesperson for the Histadrut Trade Union, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Labor and Welfare and later became the media advisor to the Science, Culture and Sports Ministry for six years.

Before becoming partner and CEO of her own agency, Tal served as the Vice President of Emun Hazibur – the Israeli Better Business Bureau, where she managed the organization’s marketing and branding.

Tal is considered as one of Israel’s leading media and political consultants and is recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of Israel’s “Most Influential Women”.